Friday, October 20, 2006

British humour!

You know what I love about British people? They crack up laughing at the weirdest things if not almost everything! One of my flatmates, Abby, stays in the room right next to the kitchen. A few days ago, we were all sitting in the kitchen chatting and all we could hear was Abby laughing her ARSE off (as they like to say it here!). So, we all looked at one another in puzzlement and figured that she was probably on the phone to someone!

Anyways, the night carries on and we're interrupted by this bizzare laughter every now and then. Finally, our curiosities are fed when Abby barges into the kitchen with tears practically rolling down her blood-shot cheeks and says, "GUY YOU HAVE TO COME SEE THIS WEBSITE, IT'S SO FUNNY!" So, we rushed into her room with excitement and made sure we were as close to the computer screen as we possibly could (after all, we all wanted the front seats!)

I don't really know why I took Abby's word for it! I mean to be fair, I've been in England for two years now, and I concluded that I just could not understand British humour since day one! But anyways, I'd sit here and try to describe the STUPIDITY behind the little cartoons she showed us but I'd rather have you guys see them for yourselves and leave a comment with your verdict! I've added links to two of the cartoons we watched that night, but in total there must've been around 10!If you feel like watching more, all you have to do is remove the title of the cartoon (e.g independent women) from the end of the URL (scroll down to watch these cartoons!)

Anyways, my other flatmate Laura, who's doing Japanese and Spanish, and I were sitting alone in the kitchen last night discussing the diversity of languages. She showed me how to write different things in Japanese, and in return, I translated a few famous quotes for her in Arabic. I can now proudly say that Laura can fluently say the following quotes in PERFECT Arabic:

"There's a snake in my boot" Woody from Toy Story.
"Oh my god, they killed Kenny," "YOU BASTARDS!!" from Southpark.
"Somebody stop meeeeee!" from The Mask.

There were atleast six more but I'm not sure where she got them from! You'd think that she'd want to learn how to say something useful wouldn't you?! Oh well!

Besides that, life's been good around here. I've got a few assignments and reports to work on over the weekend so I'm not REALLY looking forward to spending Eid reading and attempting to solve problems on genetics! Speaking of Eid, I'd like to wish you all a happy Eid and I hope that it is as JOYOUS and memorable as mine!!!!

Enjoy the links... later xx

Click me first and click me if you DARE to watch more!


Blogger Lym said...

Omg, those cartoons are so stupid and ridiculous.

Anyways, I don't understand Asian humour. My lecturer was Singaporian and he would crack up a joke and all the chinese students would laugh. Students from the rest of the word, don't get them like me and the others and we would stare at each other puzzled.

Humour has a lot to do with your background. I guess.

9:31 am  
Blogger Sleepless In Muscat said...

that's just not fair...

I mean everyone has their own tastes in jokes and understanding things don't they?

you don't see all your fingers of the same length do you?


Eid Mubarak cousin!

9:18 am  
Blogger Verbose said...

I find British humor to be by far the funniest. True British Humor.

4:46 pm  
Blogger AtGm said...

Interesting, maybe if you ask what is funny about it. We might find it then funny.

Different people laugh for different reasons. So I suppose that works on culture base as well...

9:43 pm  

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