Sunday, June 25, 2006


This is my 45th post. Damn man... that's alot!

What can I say... Back in Oman... chillin' with friends... failed my driving test because the police officer thought I lost control at one point!! RIIIIGHTTT! Lost control on an automatic car huh?? OK!

I was on steroids for 4 days due to an allergic reaction I had by ingesting.... I still don't know what it was... I think they're starting to have an effect on my body. Four different people told me that I had gained weight in less than 24 hours! Actually, make that five. Funny, because a number of people claimed the opposite when I arrived 2 weeks ago! How much weight can one put on in 2 weeks? Apparently.... enough for people to notice!

Verbose.... I hate you for making me sing that night. I sounded like a scratched CD! I will now have to spend the rest of my life suffering the consequences... Just kidding... :D Thank you for believing in me.

I'm thinking of visiting Oz this summer. I enjoyed it last summer and my dad's offered it this summer as well. I might just take advantage of this long vacation and go... what do u say verbose, Lym, weem?

I'm enjoying the world cup. Not particularly impressed with the way France are playing but I love Thierry Henry and I'm with him ALL THE WAY. Haha... that is NOT the reason why I'm supporting France by the way. I support them because I think that the players are GOOD and talented ones. It's a shame they have a f****d up coach. Raymond Domenech should be fired!

Cut my hair today and decided I will not leave the house until it grows back. What have I done!

Sorry... I know I've been lazy. Exams went well though and I was in hospital for a couple of days due to that allergic reaction I was on about previously.

I've missed u all. Thanks for commenting on my last post..despite the delay.


Blogger Sleepless In Muscat said...

hey salamat......

i hope it was nothing too serious...i am sorry i couldn't be there, you of all people would know that work is a bitch and often you get married to one - work that is ;op -

get well soon...

and keep posting...!!

take care of yourself!!

8:41 am  
Blogger Lym said...

you are welcome in Ozzie any time of the year, month, day , minute or second ;)

8:55 pm  
Blogger Verbose said...


This time, plan properly. Make sure you are there when i am there, NOT one day before i leave. Im there from the 25th of July onwards and i think you should be too.

And you know you sounded good, The only person who insulted you previously was speechless. Speechless i say.

I love youuuuuu

5:47 pm  
Blogger Degoat said...

This post is old now..
post something new :P


6:58 am  
Blogger Flous said...

Knock Knock..... Where ru woman?! I know ur not doing anything exciting, so blog already! 'we only have each other' remember? ;)
YALLAH! get ur ass typing..

9:27 pm  
Blogger Qatar Cat said...

Any news??

Are you still in Oman or you're back in Leeds?

Missed your updates :^)

9:21 pm  

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