Friday, March 17, 2006

I feel good.....I knew that I would...

So, it's been a while but MY GOD do I have a lot to tell you! :D

First, the Kelly Clarkson concert. Two words....... F*****G BRILLIANT! Psycho and I went absolutely crazy when she came on stage. We were quite excited from the start; taking photos of almost everything worth remembering like the arena, the microphone on stage, the audience and finally Kelly and the band.

"You've got your mother and your brother every other undercover tellin' you what to say, you think I'm stupid but the truth is that it's cupid baby lovin' you has made me this way" echoed in the arena as she walked in; making the audience go wild. Next came some of her greatest hits including; "Breakaway", "Because of you", "Beautiful disaster", "Trouble with love", "Behind these hazel eyes", "Gone", "I hate myself for losing you", "Addicted", "Miss Independent" and of course "Since you been gone."

I don't want to obsess about it so I'll make this short, the concert ROCKED! I've kept my promise by posting some of the photos I took that night. To all you Kelly Clarkson fans, she's an amazing entertainer, she's beautiful and her voice is out of this world! :)

Next, the Omani fashion show. Well, I have to admit, it wasn't as successful as planned. Out of 150 seats, only 40 were occupied! Most of the occupants being hungry women passing by the hall! The over-head projector only started working five minutes before the start of the show, and the children participating in the fashion show wouldn't sit still. In addition, the food wasn't anywhere in sight for the first two hours and the woman in charge of all the technical work was busy preparing the dessert at home! It was unorganized, unsuccessful, humiliating and EXTREMELY short. The tickets read 12-4 p.m when the ACTUAL show only lasted 40 minutes after a 30 minute delay!

Over all, as relieved as I am that it's all over, I must admit that many enjoyed certain bits of the show, such as the wedding demonstration. I also have to admit that I'm glad I took part, because I got to meet all the Omani women here in Leeds and I've made friends with all of them :)

So, Easter’s coming up (thank God for that). As usual, I leave in exactly one week. I'm looking forward to it even though I know that most of this vacation will be spent with me trying to come to terms with my mom, finding something to occupy myself with and regretting ever wanting to come home! But, I found out that one of my closest friends is back home so at least I'll get a chance to see him :) And plus, I miss my cats more than anything in the world.

What else? Oh, so I've decided that because I think that the Irish accent is by far the sexiest accent on the face of the planet, I have decided to pay Ireland a visit sometime over the next few months. There's this Irish guy on my course (who SADLY has a girlfriend) and I swear, every time this guy speaks all I do is stare at him. He has the strongest and sexiest Irish accent I've EVER come across. Other than the fact that I barely understand a word he says, I still think his accent is out of this world. I swear if only he was single.... I'd jump........ Ehm.... ok..... Where were we? Oh yeah, so Ireland it is :)

I've decided to take my eyebrow piercing off. It's nasty man! I have to clean it everyday and to tell you the truth I'm sick of it! I don't think it looks nice on me and I know a lot of people would agree with me when I say that I'd look better without it. So that's coming off.

Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now. Now that I have one week left until I'm back in Oman, I can assure you that I'll be updating my blog more often. Until then...... I missed you all... how are ya'll doing? :)

Kelly Clarkson live in Manchester.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Let it snow let it snow :D

I know I said I wouldn't update for a while but this is too exciting to keep to myself :)

Friday, March 03, 2006

update II

So I haven't updated for a while and I must admit I don't think I will be until Easter. University is getting a bit too demanding for me and I'm usually busy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nonetheless, i've included a few things WORTH mentioning:

1) As a person who loves singing, I look up to three particular singers; Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson. I doubt i'm EVER going to get the chance to see M.C and C.A perform in my whole life! BUT on the other hand, Kelly Clarkson has been kind enough to fly her ass off to England :) Which means, that in a weeks time I'm going to be standing 2 metres away from her, wiping the tears away :D I'm sooooo excited. This is going to be my FIRST concert EVER! Didn't get the tickets for cheap!

2) The Omani society here in Leeds have organized an Omani fashion show at the university. Tickets are ebing sold and everything! Guess who gets to go on stage first wearing a jalabiyya? Yep, you guessed it, it's me! Not looking forward to the humiliation. The fashion show is one thing, but the event is divided into two sections; a fashion show and a traditional Omani wedding. Thank God i'm not the bride. Doesn't really make life any easier because I have to DANCE on stage and humiliate myself infront of atleast 200 women!

3) My legs have not been cooperating with me. Remember that slope I was telling you about? Well, eveytime I'm half way up that stupid slope, my legs start BURNING (like internally that is). The pain only gets worse with every step. Whether I slow down or stop, the pain remains until I sit down for atleast 10 minutes! That slope is like 10 minutes away from uni so you can imagine how funny I must look limping in pain! I'm getting worried.

Other than that, stress has REALLY got to me. I've had MAJOR insomnia for a month, I can produce atleast 3 wigs per week with the amount of hair I have falling off my head and smoking's getting worse! I haven't had my period in THREE MONTHS! No, i'm not pregnant :S My personal tutor suggested I go see a doctor. Apparently this entitles me to deadline extensions! Like that's gonna help! I still have to give the stuff in eventually, and I'm still gonna be as clueless as I was to start off with!

Why has my body completely shut-down on me?

Really need a break.......

God help me