Monday, December 26, 2005


Five things I can do:
1. I can sing.
2. I can blow-dry my own hair/ straighten it.
3. I can cook.
4. I can talk on the phone 4 six hours straight.... no breaks!
5. I can blow lil doughnuts when smoking!

Five things I can't do:
1. I can't cliff-jump.
2. I can't concentrate on something or someone 4 more than 10 mins max.
3. I can't belly dance.
4. I can't go through a whole day without food.
5. I can't do push-ups!

Five things i'd like to acheive in the next decade:
1. Convince the ministry to send me to BRISBAAAAAANNNEEEEE!
2. Graduate from uni with a distinction. Inshalla do my masters after that... maybe even... NAH!
3. Get my f*****g driver's license.
4. Keep intouch will all my high school mates.
5. Get into some sort of music competition..... x factor, star academy, super-star??? I don't know! But definitely do something about it!

Five things I am thinking of this very moment:
1. Dealing with the ministry about the transfer!
2. My exams in January.
3. Making an appointment with Daksha.. must wax!
4. What i'm gonna b doing tonight.
5. The fifth thing i'm thinking of right now hahaha!

Five things I am looking forward to:
1. New years in Dubai.
2. Seeing an old friend.
3. Spending time with verbose.
4. Visiting the love shack with the founders ;)
5. My next cigarette!

Just introducing myself to you people out there who don't really know me... sorry, I didn't have anything else to talk about today.

Friday, December 23, 2005

A trip to Qantab.

She was hesitant but we managed to convince her!

My dad, the king of the world! :P

On Thursday morning, we packed our lunch, extra towels and clothing, chairs and tables and headed towards bandr-ji99a (aka Qantab). It was amazing. The water was so clear and the weather was just right. I personally wanted 2 go there to get some of my colour back. Being in England 4 three months can have DEVASTATING effects on ur complexion! I was as white as snow, so tanning was one of the MAIN things I wanted 2 achieve by going on this trip.

From mountain climbing, swimming, bbq-ing, fishing, tanning, sculpting and burrying my sister, all was accomplished. Well.... except for the tanning bit. The sun wasn't too cooperative. The island we were on was divided into two parts; one with ALOT of sunshine, and the other with ALOT of shade. The parents had settled in the shady part, but my cousins and I had invaded the sunny part hoping to turn golden-brown.

"We be burning not concerning what nobody gonna say". After sitting under the sun for almost 3 hours straight, we came out looking as WHITE as we did b4 we started the tanning process! So technically.... nobody had been sun-burnt like the song pointed out!

Generally, the trip was a success. Before heading back to the main island to go back home, we decided to take a look at the new hotels being built in the area. They're really coming along. Some were beautiful, others were PINK! I think it'll grow on me.. the pink hotel I mean. But yeah, they look amazing and I can already imagine the place being packed with hotel-residents tanning and swimming and what not. Good stuff!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Every apple tree is bound to have atleast ONE bad apple.

It happened again this afternoon.
We were sitting quietly having lunch,
My brother started talking about marriage,
He turned to me promising me that I would never be consulted 4 a second opinion,
I didn't mind, nor did I care,
We never got along,
Not for more than 4 minutes,
We always argued over SOMETHING,
But still, he is my flesh and blood and nothing can change that.
I attacked by saying that I wouldn't consult him when I found the right man,
Irrelevant accusations had managed to become part of the argument,
"You want to transfer to Brisbane to be with S,"
"He was my class-mate, and still is a very good friend of mine,"
"Bull-shit, I've seen photos of you two that prove a bit more than just that,"
"Mom's seen them too, she never commented,"
He turned to my mother and accused her of being naive and oblivious to the facts.
I couldn't sit there and listen,
I asked him to get his facts straight,
He yelled,
I screamed,
He threatened,
I didn't flinch,
Mom interrupted trying to calm HIM down,
She looked @ me and questioned how I could be so disrespectful when he was two years older,
I explained that I could not hear someone accuse me of such things... not when they were wrong,
"First he accuses me of drinking, then of smoking and now he's accusing me of dating,"
He yelled again,
I defended myself,
Mom asked us to be quiet.
"How can you call yourselves brother and sister? You haven't seen each other in a year and this is how you choose to treat each other?"
"I refuse to respect someone who has no respect for me,"
"Shut up or i'll slap you," he threatened once more,
Mom decided that changing the topic was the best thing to do,
"There's this wedding coming up. Nancy Ajram's performing and you're invited,"
"You know I don't go to weddings,"
She looked @ me with disgust,
"I know I know, just spit it out.. 'Mimi, with an attitude like that you're never going to get yourself a husband',"
"Ha-ha," she said sarcastically, "this is the royal family we're talking about, they wouldn't even accidentally set eyes on YOU.. look at yourself!"
I love my family... They always know exactly what to say to make my day.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Rejection is the symbol of wantism"

I know what you're thinking... "wantism?" You're probably looking through the dictionary trying to find its definition. Stop. Don't even bother. It doesn't exist in any English dictionary. This word was invented by one of the world's wisest women (being sarcastic).

I remember the day she came up with it. I was having problems with a guy I sort-of had a crush on, and we had both chosen to use the all-time favourite solution... 'the silent treatment'. We were in the same class. Ignoring each other was almost impossible. Someone had to break the ice, and so this supposedly-wise-woman walked up 2 me and said, "you know what mimi, rejection is the symbol of wantism." I looked at her in bewilderment and I was obviously not following what she was trying to say. "What the hell are you saying.. yakhi walla i'm not in the mood!!" was all I could say in return. "Hold on, let me explain myself. You and *#$% are both giving each other the cold shoulder. In reality, you're both being childish, and you know pretty well that you still like him as much as you liked him before you decided to have this stupid argument. So technically, you guys might be rejecting each other @ this point, but if anything it just shows how much you guys want each other." Clarify anything 4 u yet? If not, I guess you're gonna have to ask the founder herself. Lym, elaborate.

Well, the reason I chose this quote as my title isn't because I wanted 2 tell you guys how it was created. Now that I have made an attempt at explaining what it means, I wish to apply it to a real-life situation and hear your personal views on the matter.

I met this guy online the other day, and despite the fact that I had heard so much about him and I knew exactly how he looked like, he didn't have a CLUE who I was and how I looked like! From perfectly innocent messages here and there we finally exchanged phone numbers and decided to meet up 4 a cup of coffee.

My intentions were ANYTHING but bad. I know that some of you out there, who know me pretty well, are probably saying, "YAH SURE!" But honestly, it was not a DATE! And I wasn't meeting up with him because he was a complete heart-throb (even thought I have to admit that he is quite good-looking.... Ok... he's GORGEOUS) but simply because I was making a new friend. So, dating him was not what I had in mind (not @ the start atleast). I'm here for another 3 weeks, and if ANYTHING was to happen between us it would need a lil more than just that! ANYWAYS, so like I said b4, this guy had no idea what I looked like but I think he was under the impression that the woman on the other side of the internet was a complete hotty! HAHAHAHAHAHA... miskeen. I definitely did not fit that description but nonetheless, I decided to go.

OK, so i'm not gonna deny it. I did call my very-hot cousin asking her to pose as me. Do you blame me? I was never gonna live up to his expectations. I've mentioned this before and i'm mentioning it again. I am not exactly a confident woman. I know what you're thinking... someone would actually do that???? NO I WOULDN'T, I was just being, she said no anyways! uff

So, it was time. I didn't really dress-up, it wasn't a date. I made my way to starbucks and there he was. I had butterflies in my stomach way before I reached starbucks, but when I saw him standing there looking as cute as he did, a shiver ran down my spine. I was nervous as HELL! I mean I know I said I knew what he looked like, but I kind-of forgot to mention that I hadn't seen him for a while. People were always going on about how he was one of the very few good-looking Omani guys. I personally remember seeing him once, a very long time ago, and I recall thinking that he was cute. But the guy I saw standing in starbucks wasn't just cute. MASHALLAH!

Anyways, so I introduced myself, we grabbed a cup of coffee each and we sat outside. We began conversing, introduced ourselves a bit more and before we knew it, we were making fun of each other like we'd known one another for years. I love it when that happens. I don't mean I enjoy being made fun of, but I like it when people have that instant connection. It saves a lot of time, effort and energy. So back to the story. Minutes merged into hours and we had both lost track of time. OK, so maybe we weren't into each other as much as I make it sound like we were. But generally, we had a good laugh.

So as we were sitting outside enjoying our coffees and one another's company, I suddenly found myself enjoying his company a bit too much. I mean, let's face it. He was good-looking, he was sensitive, caring, an artist (extra points 4 that!) and he had a good sense of humoUr. Having said that, I must point out that this is what I gathered by sitting with him for about 4-5 hours only! So, this is more of a first impression and not what I generally think of him. I barely know the guy so I can't really judge. I talk too much... Let's cut the story short.

There I was, admiring his beauty and his personality. Our conversations had drifted from university life, friends and what we do 4 fun around here, to down-right obvious flirting! I was definitely interested and available... I knew he was available too, but the question was... was he interested? I think this question was almost instantly answered when my very-hot cousin decided to pass by and join us. HAHAHAHA, i'm laughing to avoid breaking down in tears man! I was no longer the centre of attention that's 4 sure. The flirtatious comments had been re-directed to my cousin. There was no more eye-contact between us what-so-ever, and it was as though I had vanished from the scene completely.

I hate to break it to you, but I knew he wasn't interested in me but rather in my cousin! Nothing new there! And I was right. At about 11 p.m, I received a text message from him saying, "is your cousin single? If not, who's she dating?"

I was disappointed. I'm not going to deny that. In the same time, I guess I kind of expected it. In addition, I really don't blame the guy! She is down-right stunning!

So, I guess I pretty much answered my own question. I was about to ask you guys whether or not there was a chance. Whether him ignoring me, and pretending like I didn't exist anymore, was just another way of covering up the fact that he was interested. You know like, "rejection is the symbol of wantism." But I guess I know the answer to that already. Nevertheless, please do leave me some feedback on your point of views.

Peace (sniff sniff).

Monday, December 19, 2005


I remember mentioning in one of my previous posts that I got my eyebrow pierced recently. The thing is, after I got my eyebrow pierced I never really knew what I was getting myself into in terms of figuring out a way 2 clean them without taking the bar off.

When i'm in Leeds I don't really clean my eyebrows very often, and when I do I don't get them done professionally (cuz frankly i'm not prepared to pay almost 10 pounds 4 something that can be done in 2 rials back home) and instead I end up doing them myself. Whether I do a good job with them is 4 me to know and 4 u 2 find out but let's just say that my eyebrows never look alike!

Anyways, so yesterday was my 1st experience. I went to the famous Christina in Qurum and the first thing I told her was "Christina, I know you've been doing my eyebrows 4 a while now but i'm afraid u have a challenge today" and I showed her my piercing. After listening to a variety of comments I was finally told that this other "new" girl was going to do them for me. So, I thought to myself "ya why not... ma tifraq 3indi who ends up cleaning 'em as long as I get them done."

So there I was, sitting down on the specialised chair waiting 4 the thread 2 attack my oh-so-ugly-looking eyebrows! However, b4 the woman could even apply the powder on my eyebrow I decided I was going to warn her ONCE MORE not to use thread around the pierced area. Instead I told her I wanted her to use a pair of tweezers.

After being re-assured that she had heard me the 1st time the threading process finally began. Ouch here, ouch there but nothing too serious. Suddenly.... UNBEARABLE pain! The woman was threading out the hairs UNDER the lower ball of my eyebrow bar. The thread kept on wrapping itself around the metal bar and the woman kept pulling it to try and untangle it! "OOOOOOUUUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHHHH, CAN U PLEASE STOP DOING THAT!!!!" was my response, and she just looked at me and smiled!

All I can say is that I have never experienced this much pain whilst getting my eyebrows done! My eyes were tearing like nobody's business!!!!! My eyebrow had swollen to the size of an olive! It looked worse than when I first got it pierced and trust me.... when I 1st got it pierced, it wasn't a pretty sight!!!...

So I decided, NEVER AGAIN... from now on I'M cleaning my eyebrows!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Are u open-minded?

Before I start typing this post I must warn people that it's content might not be too appealing to a certain group of people so if you feel that this entry is going in a direction which does not interest you please feel free to stop reading!

Remember when we were all in high school and we all thought it was cool to have a boyfriend? I have to admit that I started dating guys in order to fit in! My 1st boyfriend was a MISTAKE! I only dated him cuz all my other friends had other things 2 worry about. They didn't spend alotta time with me anymore cuz they had other priorities. Their conversations had drifted from topics concerning school, family and fashion 2 guys, guys and more guys! I just HAD 2 start dating someone if I wanted 2 fit in and so I did! I grabbed the 1st opportunity that approached me and I have NEVER stopped regretting that decision cuz my 1st turned out to be a complete ass, and I ended up being slapped for realising he was!

I have to admit, Oman has changed tremendously since I left 4 uni. People have started to look @ things a bit differently and the general mentality of the society is still undergoing a MAJOR transformation. People are beginning to be less strict and more flexible with things that were once given ALOT of attention. These things include one's dress sense, one's curfew and one's reputation. I remember that when I was about 15 I wasn't allowed 2 leave the house without an 3abaya. Dating was NEVER an option in my family and I was always asked to be back home @ a certain time (preferrably b4 10.30). I have to admit that despite having a few friends with quite easy-going parents the majority of my friends had been given the same rules!

A trip to MQ a few nights ago shocked me! Thirteen-fourteen year old girls sitting in the parking lots smoking, wearing some pretty revealing clothes, surrounded by a bunch of OLDER guys @ around 11 @ night! I could not help but STARE @ the scene infront of me. I was gobbsmacked!

Sitting with a friend (who's graduatin this year) I was speechless 2 find out that the "new thing'' amongst his class and other classes was 2 lose your virginity. He spoke of it as though it was normal and OK. '' Find one girl in my class who's still a virgin and I will be very surprised," was the answer I received when I asked him how certain he was of this information! He said that girls didn't pay too much attention to their virginities (and reputations 4 that matter) anymore! '' They believe that if everyone starts doing it it'll be less frowned upon',' ''people have done it all along mimi, they just never spoke of it. The only difference is, now that they're starting to take pride in doing so.''

I didn't know what 2 say. I asked myself rhetorically how things could have reached this stage. How girls were sleeping around with God knows who in order to look cool or in order to be accepted by others!

When I say (or others say) that I/they am/are quite open-minded what exactly do I/they mean? Open-minded enough 2 bend the rules to this extent? Or enough 2 stick with what's important and just simply be a bit less strict about things like wearing a hijab, drinking, dating and so on?

What's going on?????

Friday, December 16, 2005

How did u spend Thursday night?

I don't know if you guys are aware of this, but Elissa (the Lebanese singer) performed live in Qurum natural park this evening. The theatre was EMPTY it was almost humiliating!!!! People who had purchased tickets in the 3rd row were asked to come join others in the FIRST row so that the theatre could look a bit more accommodated! It was embarrassing... even when Elissa finally showed up, the expression on her face kinda pointed out that she too was amazed @ how little people had showed up!

The evening began with the FAMOUS Sahar 3azawwi introducing the sponsors and the band. Finally, the stunning Elissa decided to show up wearing a gorgeous pink dress with heels as long as an un-used pencil. The Omani guys went CRAAAAAAAAAAAZYYYY, I mean lets face it, her breasts were partially exposed and I don't think Omanies are used 2 seeing so much flesh being revealed by ANY woman let alone Elissa! "BU9 SHOOF ELISSA BTA3MIL EH!!!" was chanted all night and whenever she made an attempt at dancing along to the music the Omani men shouted as though they were in battle!

I personally thought it was entertaining..... not too organised but entertaining. I was surprised 2 see so little people, I mean not too long ago this very female received an award for being voted the arab world's favourite female artist!!!! Obviously no Omanies took part in the voting process!

From "3ayshalak'' to ''ajmal i7sas'' to ''kul yoam fi 3umri'' and ''irja3 lil shoa2'', Elissa BARELY kept the audience going. I must say that the concert wasn't as active and energetic as I would've liked it to be. At one point the audience were so passive that Elissa decided to sing Wael Kfoory's ''3umri killu'' and Fadhel Shaker's ''ya ghayib'', and let's just say that the crowd were MORE impressed with these 2 songs than her own songs!!!!!!! :S

I must say that I found Elissa quite arrogant! Young girls kept coming up 2 the stage offering her red roses and not only was her smile fake but she threw the roses on a nearby keyboard as though they were worthless. I personally didn't think she enjoyed performing infront of (roughly) 200 people. Do you blame her?

Generally, I don't think I would've been able to find something better to do on a Thursday night so i'm glad I decided to go. To all you Elissa fans who missed the show, all I can say is that she's as pretty on t.v as she is in real life. Oh.... don't know about the breasts though! they looked ALOT bigger in 3ayshalak's video clip.. waaay bigger!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


I want a boyfriend!

" This is Lym , mimi , is currently sick in the head"!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Remember how I was telling u guys that i've always been a daddy's girl? Well, the reason i'm pointing this out again is because it's been less than 48 hours since I arrived from Leeds and i've already managed to have a HUGE argument with my mum!!!

My mum and I never really got along for more than a week (max.)!! The problem is I knew exactly how to pull her strings and she knew exactly how 2 pull mine! We knew exactly what 2 say and do when we wanted to hurt one another! So we've always used these powers against each other!

I'd like to say that uni's changed me by making me appreciate things a bit more.. and to be perfectly honest.. yes it has.. I do appreciate things a bit more and I am grateful for everything and everyone I have in my life! In the same time, i'd like to think that i've matured and that I look at things quite differently and I handle things a bit more rationally... but who am I kidding!? I am the same unpatient, hot tempered, sensitive, dramatic and rude individual i've always been! I'm not saying i'm proud of myself but in the same time it's not something u can change over night!

It all started when I mentioned that I needed to adjust to the time difference so that I can start waking up @ around 8 every morning to revise 4 my exams! My mum decided that it would be a good idea for me 2 go to bed early but I thought it was useless cuz going to bed @ 10 p.m in Oman would be like going 2 bed @ 7p.m in Leeds.. and frankly getting some shut-eye @ seven in the evening is not something i'm used to!!! If anything when i'm in Leeds I always go to bed @ around 2 in the morning.. even if it's a week day! So techincally.. that would mean that I would be feeling tired @ 5 in the morning here in Oman!

I finally decided to do this in steps.. I would set my alarm clock @ 10 on the 1st day and I would gradually take off half an hour each day until I get used to waking up @ 8! Sounded like a good plan! And so today was the 1st day of my experiment. Sadly it was interrupted when my mum decided to barge in on me @ NINE in the morning! Lemme just add that scaring the SHIT outta me by banging the door open, switching off the A.C, pulling my blanket away from me and switching on the lights is not exactly my idea of a fresh start!!!!!

I have never been a morning person.. i'm always grumpy, moody, agressive and crancky! Waking up every morning to go to school was probably the hardest thing I ever had to go thru.. there was always some kinda drama to put me down.. a break up the night b4.. A fight.. a really bad day 4 revision.. there just had to b something!!! Luckily, there were no break ups to deal with 2day and there were certainly no fights 2 deal with cuz i'd only been here 4 a day! Revision wasn't on that list either but I still managed to get all worked up and annoyed when my mum woke me up! DO U BLAME ME??? I MEAN 9ARA7A!??? it's my second day!!!!!!! ya3ni ok u wanna wake me up gimme atleast 24 hours 2 get a good night sleep after that long-ass flight! uffff...

Anyways, so I finally decided that I was up and it would be POINTELSS 4 me to try and go back to sleep bcuz unlike other people I have NEVER been able to do that!

We have this thing in my family where, when the weather permits to do so, we always end up having our meals outside on the balcony. So, I walked out into the balcony and I sat down. I started arguing about how selfish my mum was 4 not letting me rest when it had only been a day since my arrival. Suddenly, the conversation drifted towards a variety of IRRELEVANT topics such as my friend's engagement and what I knew about it and such as why I had nail polish on when I presumably started praying! I don't know.. just stupid topics my mum uses to stir things up... and lemme just say she did a HELL of a good job! Honestly.. I just EXPLODED.... "aish da55al 9alati u hathil bint fil salfa?? ya3ni inti shufi kaif t7awleen tkabreen il salfa! itha inti kitha mishtaqa innish titdharbi ma3aya intadhri 3alal aqal yoam ziyada... ba3dain affa 3alaish... banitdharab lain ma arja3 leeds aish rayish? ya3ni inti walla t5alleen il wa7id YINDAM laish raja3 Oman!!!" She wasn't impressed... if anything.. had I not just come back from Leeds she would've probably slapped me with a comment like that!

Anyways things just got worse after that.. we ended up screaming @ one another over lunch and now we're both giving each other the SILENT-TREATMENT! YIPEEE!

Aaaaahhh... drama drama drama!! One word capable of summarising my whole life! DRAMATIC.. oh well... hopefully when my dad gets back from Dubai he'll be able to put an end to this... it's funny how both my mum n I rely on my dad to fix things! it's happened so often that it's become a routine... argument, fight, silent-treatment, nasty looks, more arguments, daddy saves the day!!!! Well, I better go hide my room key b4 my mum decides to take that away from me 2 stop me from lockin my door in the morning! I swear I feel like i'm 12 again!! This is ridiculous! How long am I going to be treated as thought I am a child?? peace!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I hate flying!

You know how I mentioned that i'd be in Oman by Sunday morning? YA! not anymore! My flight was cancelled this morning and instead I was told to catch the next flight to Amsterdam which departs @ 10 a.m TOMORROW! This is ridiculous man! The first time this happened to me it was by the same airline and they f****d me over NICELY making me miss 2 other connections! Atleast this time the reason was a bit more acceptable.. the weather was APPARENTLY really bad in Amsterdam! BULLSHIT! other KLM flights from Amsterdam sure made it RIGHT ON TIME! aaaah! Anyways.. as 4 the 1st incident with KLM, the flight was delayed for FOUR hours cuz they found.. listen to this... a TROPICAL CENTIPEDE on board! WHAT???????????? no more KLM 4 me.. never again!

Saturday, December 10, 2005


The day has finally arrived.. I leave tomorrow morning.. will be there by Sunday morning.. can't wait to c everyone!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Haunted by good memories!

I thought of you again last night and I have NO idea why!
All I usually remember are the endless fights & arguments we had..
It was different this time!
The love shack, school, lessons @ my place, school exams, thanawiya... the good memories only.
I know i'm over you and that we've BOTH moved on....
But why do I keep thinking of you whenever I feel lonely and unwanted?
It's not like it was perfect.. it was FAR from it!
And you've changed tremendously... so have I.
I know I don't want it back but why does it keep haunting me?
Do I still love you?
I doubt it...
You and I are in the past and my feelings 4 u died along with our relationship.
I know you don't think of me and I don't care cuz I wouldn't normally think of u!
Doesn't mean I can help it!
Maybe it's because i've been single 4 a while,
Maybe i'm pms-ing!
Whatever it is...... it's confusing.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Won't be updating for a while.. exams... gotta study.. already failed two! Not going too well!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Do blondes like really like have more fun?

The reason I chose this title is because I wouldn't consider myself a BLONDE per se but my hair's quite light @ this point and I was thinking of dying it back to it's natural colour (if not darker). To be specific I was thinking something like BLACK. Now the reason i'm not on the phone making an appointment with the salon right now is because I really don't know whether or not it'll suit me!!!

You see, before I even started dying my hair, I was never allowed 2 do ANYTHING to it. It was always really short, which made it look really boring and lifeless. All this cuz my mum believed that cutting my hair real short would help make it look healthier and thicker in the future! And to tell you the truth I think it worked.. well.. until I decided to follow a realllllly strict diet and lose most of it!

After I turned 15 I was FINALLY allowed 2 cut my hair the way I wanted and I was allowed 2 change its colour using NATURAL products i.e. henna. So for about 2-3 years I had the whole tint-of-red look! It was ok and if anything I really liked it but then henna kept drying up my hair so I decided to quit the natural stuff and go 4 the artificial stuff instead. So by the age of 17 I had my first high-lights done. It was ugly! haha.. it was an experiment really and it just went completely WRONG!

After coming to Leeds I decided it was time to give my hair the treatment it always deserved by paying Toni & Guy a visit. At first I decided to go for the old-fashioned consultation to see what the stylist thought would look nice on me and what the new THING was.

From a red head I quickly became a BLONDE. Word of advice, although colours may look nice when you see them in catalogues they look COMPLETELY different when applied to your hair! So, I decided to go 4 caramel and let's just say that the colour I have on right now is ANYTHING but caramel.... it's BLONDE! haha well... like I said.. it's not PROPER blonde as in Jessica Simspon blonde but it's like subtle blonde! :S

Anyways, when I look @ old photos I kinda like the idea that I no longer have the typical dark brown hair everyone seems to have back home. If anything, I kinda like this colour BUT it's fading away now that my hair's growing and it's gotten to a stage where both my complexion and hair colour look the same! It's making me look sick and pale! Hence the sudden urge to change my hair colour!

My mum thinks i'm turning gothic! Well, I don't blame her.. the nose, eyebrow, tongue and 6-ear piercings I have don't exactly help! But i'm not gothic I promise! Dying my hair black would CONFIRM that I am infact turning gothic and I really don't want my mum giving me CONTINUOUS lectures about GOD and ISLAM and so on cuz i'm 100% muslim no doubt about it!

ANYWAYS, for those who know me and know what I look like... HELP! Should I dye my hair or not?? For those who DON'T, what do u think in terms of facing my parents once i'm back home... which by the way is in exactly 12 days????? :s